1 year in Cebu


June 2, 2010, boarded Flight No. 5J 589 from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark, Pampanga, I started my journey to Cebu. I arrived at exactly 2130H in the evening, 20 minutes earlier than my ETA of 2150H. I was really excited back then because it was my first time in Cebu. Recalling my first night, I stayed at Tonros Apartelle, my former colleague Shelly recommended it because it’s cheap and close to where I need to go the next day. I went out to find food but I was too afraid to go far because it’s late night already, so I end up eating bread. Well that’s basically my first night in Cebu.

The reason why I moved in Cebu is because of work. Before I moved here, I was a home based worker for 1.5 years. My bosses in the US decided to put up a company here in the Philippines and they have chosen Cebu. When they asked me if I wanted to work here, it took me couple of days before I finally came up with a decision.

There are several reason that made me want to stay, my family, my friends and someone who used to be very special. I was also nervous because I don’t know anyone from here, how can I even find a place to stay or ask if it is really okay to move here? Then after 3 days, I finally said YES. The number one reason that made me decide is of course career growth. I know that the opportunity that was given to me is really something that will mold me to what I am right now. Another reason is I want to be independent and go back to the social world. It’s been 1.5 years that time that I’m working from home, I find it boring already and I miss being with other people while working. I want to go back in a corporate environment and mingle with my co-employees. Lastly, I’m a person who loves adventures and going to different places, this is an opportunity for me to explore a new place and discovery something great!

A lot of things happened during my first year, I’ve met new friends, I’ve been to different tourist spots, I’ve tasted the famous Cebu Lechon, I’ve experienced Sinulog Festival, I’ve got to ride an airplane 19 times(eheh), I’ve became a blogger(that’s why I’m writing this), I became broke(ahah), etc.. Everything that happened to me was really exciting! I never had regrets that I moved here. I really fell in love with this city and its people and I believe that many things are yet to come. So we’ll see what other adventures that are waiting for me.

1 year in Cebu in photos


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