Cebu Blog Camp 2012

Cebu Blog Camp 2012

It was May of last year when I attended my first Cebu Blog Camp and that’s the reason why this blog is here. I made this blog to write an entry and join the event. I really learned a lot from last year’s CBC that’s why up to now I’m still here blogging (on

Cebu Blog Camp 2012

Now here comes Cebu Blog Camp Season 3! I was one of the lucky 50 bloggers who was able to join the launch event at The Center Suites. The event’s main purpose was to announce that this year it’s not just going to be a single Blog Camp but series of Mini Blog Camps and one Blog Camp Supreme! The Blog Camps are planned on last week of August and October then the Blog Camp Supreme will be on second week of November, now I’m excited!

Cebu Blog Camp 2012

The launch event is full of fun, games and surprises! I was surprised because I won a phone for being an early bird, see, my being punctual has finally paid off! Another surprised is when we’ve won the Trivia Quiz game, well it was my lucky day indeed.

Bruschetta, Potato Croquettes and Spring Rolls

We also got to sample some of The Center Suites’ gastronomic dishes and I love Bruschetta so much!

CEBU BLOG CAMP 3RD SEASON from Wong Bros (TVPS) on Vimeo.

I also did my first ever video interview! I was so shy but for the sake of Cebu Blog Camp, I did it.

What I wore at Cebu Blog Camp 2012.

Cebu Blog Camp 2012
SM Accessories: fedora hat, wayfarer, bracelets, watch and bag | Old Navy: vest | Tee | SM Mens Wear: white pants | Sperry: boat shoes

I’ll see you at Cebu Blog Camp!

Thank you Jem for the photos


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