Cebu Blog Camp 3

One of my most anticipated blogging event in Cebu is finally just around the corner, Cebu Blog Camp 3. I can still remember when I attended my first ever Cebu Blog Camp last May 2011. The only people that I knew during that time was Nikki and Rabsin and everyone else are just strangers, and now most of those strangers are now my friends. As an alien in Cebu, I never really had many friends until I started blogging, it really helped me gain a lot friends and build my network.

Cebu Blog Camp awaken the blogger in me and I actually purchased my blog domains ( and a day before the event. I really learned a lot from that event and those knowledge helped me put up and maintain my blogs.

Now on its 3rd Season, Cebu Blog Camp’s theme this year is “Building Blogging Communities”. Expect a day full of fun, learning and meeting new friends. See you all on November 30, 2012 at Cebu International Convention Center from 9AM to 5PM. Registration starts at 8AM and it’s FREE!

Thank you to the following sponsors for making this event possible.



Cebu Budget Hotel                    





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