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I’ve been itching to revive my personal blog for months now but my schedule has been crazy busy with my other blogs and my life outside blogging. Many of you might have already known that I’m the man behind and Just give you a background, I started both blogs in 2011 during Cebu Blog Camp 2. Maintaining these blogs eats most of my time allotted for blogging. (PSF) started as a street style blog featuring street fashionistas that I encounter wherever I go. I also feature fashion shows, events, shops and brands on the side. As of the moment, I’m on the process of re-branding PSF and focusing on Lifestyle features and I still want to post some street styles on the side.

A photo posted by Marco Paulo (@lamikaayo) on is my food blog. It started as a Tumblr site where I dump all my food photos. 2 years ago, I decided to create an Instagram account and make a full featured blog with food reviews and restaurant features. So far, I’m happy how it turned out.

My bloggers friends and I are slowly reviving Cebu Fashion Bloggers. We welcomed new members and I’m really excited on the things that are coming for the group. So stay tuned.

Besides blogging, I’m also an active member of iLearners, Inc., a non-profit organization which aims to fight illiteracy in rural areas of Cebu. I’m currently the Vice President for Marketing wherein I am tasks to create marketing materials, and manage the website and social media accounts of the organization. Being a “Literacy Warrior” is a very fulfilling job, the heart whelming feeling that it brings whenever I see the students’ smiles is just priceless. Head to to learn more about our organization and how you be part of the group.

Many think that blogging is my source of income and that’s a big NO. Blogging is just a passion and once in a while I earn a little money from sponsored posts and campaigns. I was recently promoted to Operations Supervisor position at Zylun Philippines, Inc., the company that brought me to Cebu and where I’m working for more than 5 years now. Moving to Cebu has been one of the best decisions I made in my life- I became independent, I traveled a lot, I’ve met new friends, I learned how to blog and most of all, I became the person that I am right now.


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