How I made it on Instagram’s “Suggested Users List”

Taking pictures has always been one of my favorite things to do. I like capturing moments, beautiful scenes, or just anything that I find picture worthy. With the advancement of technology, taking photos has become a lot easier because of smartphones. Many smartphones feature a camera that can produce sharp, vivid and DSLR like quality images. Editing photos has become easier as well with the help of apps like my favorites- VSCO Cam and Instagram. With the two apps combined, I was able to produce nicer photos.

Instagram Suggested Users List

DM from Instagram when my account @countocram landed a spot on Instagram’s Suggested Users List

I currently have 2 Instagram accounts which both made it on Instagram’s Suggested Users List. @countocram is my first Instagram account. This is where I post random photos about travel, fashion, and anything that I find Instagram worthy. My 2nd account @lamikaayo is focused on food since I created it for my food blog.

It was exactly 74 weeks ago when my account @countocram made it to Instagram’s Suggested Users List. I didn’t even know that such a list exists until I became part of it. According to Instagram, the Suggested Users List is a dynamic list that highlights some of the top community members on Instagram. An account is usually featured for a few weeks before it is cycled out to give others the opportunity to be featured.

Before I made it on the list, I only had 800+ followers and after 2 weeks of being on the list I had 7,000+. 21 weeks ago I woke up with the same scenario when I made it on the list, I started receiving hundreds of likes and followers and to my surprised, I was featured on Instagram’s Suggested Users List for the 2nd time. from 7,000+ followers I had 28,000+ followers after 2 weeks.

Since suggested users have the opportunity to suggest other users, I submitted my food blog’s account @lamikaayo. Luckily, it also made it on the list. @lamikaayo only has 400+ followers during that time and after 2 weeks it had 10,000+ followers.

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As a recognition to Instagrammers who are very active in the community, Instagram gifted a book and a calendar to Suggested Users. The book is about Instagram’s community which features users and creative hashtags. The calendar features cute pets uploaded on Instagram.

Cebu has a couple of Instagrammers who made it on the list. I currently follow @ryannreyes, @willjr42, @dollypontillas, @daniel.dave and @lemm.g. If you know someone else, please let know. I would love to meet them.

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I always get asked how a gain so many followers, and this blog post is my answer. There are so many ways on how to increase your followers and likes on Instagram, it’s just sad that some users go for the easy way by buying them just to show to PR companies and brands that they are influencial online.

Instagram has a very simple guideline on how you can possibly make it on the list.

1. Bring a unique perspective to Instagram by sharing inspiring, original photos and videos
2. Are actively engaged in and help cultivate the larger Instagram community
3. Inspire creativity in fellow Instagrammers by doing things like participating in @instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project or bringing people together in the real world through an InstaMeet

Here are my personal tips.

1. Make your feed look clean by using one filter all through out. VSCO Cam app offers really nice filters that you can use for free.
2. Instagram loves inspiring photos. Tell story through your photos by adding a nice caption.
3. Some people hates hashtags, but if you want your photos to be discovered, use the appropriate ones.
4. Take beautiful and original photos. As much as possible, post photos that you took unless you are allowed to post them.

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