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Enrolling to review centers to prepare for exams can be really costly. You have to pay for the review materials, the review center and sometimes, it also involves fees for board and lodging. For those students who can’t afford these, a mobile app is now available for download to help you review for your exams.

Zookal, a mobile app entrance exam reviewer aims to make learning more affordable and accessible to Filipinos. The app intends to provide Filipino students review materials that can be easily accessed using their mobile phones to help them pass their entrance examinations to universities like UPCAT, National Achievement Test, professional licensure exams and even civil service exams for those who want to work with the government. It contains over 30,000 practice multiple choice questions designed for various exams.


The app had an overwhelming downloads during its first month of launching. It has been downloaded 50,000 times and it has become one of the most downloaded app in Google Play Store.

“We’re very happy with the results after less than a month since we launched. We realized how valuable education is to Filipinos and how they strive hard to be better at what they do. Our app usage is just magnanimous. We will be adding more questions and more features soon in order to cater to the growing demand of the free practice exam service our app offers,” said Jon Tse, Co-Founder, Zookal.


Zookal features multiple-choice questions similar to the multiple-choice tests on exams. It allows users to swipe through questions and complete quizzes. Users earn bonus study tips compiled by the students of University of the Philippines and teachers from Teach for the Philippines. These tips are aimed at instilling effecting and healthy study habits to Filipino students so they can improve their study outcomes and enhanced their learning experience.

The app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Zookal is giving away Php150 load to lucky 5 app installers. Please visit my Facebook page for the mechanics.


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