My Flawless FNT Experience + Results

Flawless FNT Experience

My face suffers from acne scars because of my severe acne problem when I was in college. One of my goals is to get rid of these or at least make them look less visible. I tried Flawless Easy Peel and that helped in minimizing my pores, and the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on my face. During my Easy Peel treatment, Flawless in-house dermatologist suggested that Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) will work best for my face since I have deep acne scars.

Flawless FNT is a micro needling therapy which promotes collagen production and delivers powerful age-defying serums to the deeper layers of the skin. The treatment helps minimize scars, fight acne, reduce oiliness, and lighten hyper pigmentation, age spots, blemishes and freckles. Flawless FNT uses micro needles that puncture your skin to create micro wounds to trick your skin for regeneration. Rest assured that those micro wounds won’t leave any scars, and it will rather heal your existing scars.

The Procedure

It is recommended that you undergo with a facial first to make sure that your face is clean before the treatment. After the facial, a topical anesthesia will be applied on your skin. This will make your skin numb and you won’t feel any pain at all during the procedure. It takes about 30 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect.

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT – Anesthesia application

The dermatologist will then begin the FNT treatment which takes about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your skin condition. Mine took about 40 minutes. Please note that there will be blood since the micro needles will puncture your skin but its totally normal.

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawess FNT – Application of serum before the FNT procedure.

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT – Fractional Needling Therapy procedure.

After the treatment, my face is reddish and felt like it was sun burnt but it’s not painful. They advised me not to touch and wash my face after the treatment for serum to be fully absorbed by the skin. I suggest doing the FNT treatment late afternoon or early evening, then go home straight after to prevent your skin from acquiring dust and dirt which could lead to infection.

Flawless also gave me a post cautery cream which you can apply twice a day for faster recovery of your skin. The dermatologist suggested not to use it too often though because it’s best if we’ll let our skin recover by itself.

Flawless FNT Results
Flawless FNT Experience

After Flawless Classic Facial

Flawless FNT Experience

After Flawless FNT

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Day 1

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Day 2

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Day 4

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Day 6

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Before/After

Flawless FNT Experience

Flawless FNT Results – Before/After

I was really happy with the results, I’ve noticed that my face become more radiant, and my dark spots also lightened. The big improvement is that some of my deep acne scars are now shallower. The dermatologist said that I will see significant changes after at least three sessions. But with the first session, I’m really happy with the results already. Excited for the next one.

Flawless FNT cost Php4,500 per session. Visit the Flawless clinic nearest you to start your flawless journey.

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22 Comments on “My Flawless FNT Experience + Results

  1. wala namang nagbago. ilaw lang ang kaibahan. may ilaw ung after madilim ung before.

    • Sorry if you see it that way, but the pictures don’t really give justice to the actual results.

  2. Wala bang hidden charges like of course hindi lang fnt yung binayaran mo kasi nung nag walk in ako, magpapa fnt sana ko tapos ang daming charges like facial tas mga gamot kaya umabot ng almost P8,000 ang ending di ako tumuloy.

    • Normally, classic facial + FNT lang yung sakin. Depende din kasi sa skin condition kung ano ung irerecommend ng doctor.

  3. Omg! Thanks for sharing your experience at flawless, i have acnes on my Both cheek and today is my appointment for FNT! Glad i found your blog bout it. No more doubts. Hehe. anyways is that The total bill you pay? Or there’s still more to pay when your there in the clinic na. Like, Facial and madicines? Is it required to avail their meds after the FNT treatment? thnks in Advance!!!!

    • Php4500 is the FNT fee only. They will also advice you to have a classic facial before the FNT session which cost Php390 if I’m not mistaken. Other than that, wala ng ibang expense.

  4. Pwede na ba mag work after 3 days ng fnt? Call center agent ako at panggabie nman work ko

    • actually kahit the next day pwede naman, basta wear a facial mask lang and don’t forget the sunscreen too.

  5. Ganda nga ng result! Lighting aside, kita mo talaga ung ibang scars hindi na ganun ka pitted l. Mas worse ang acne scarring ko sayo and my dermatologist recommended laser resurfacing to me. Same lang ba yun dito? Medyo natatakot kasi ako mag go dun sa laser sa dami ng nabasa kong negative reviews online. Gusto ko nalang magpa-TCA peel since yun tested ko na but I saw your post and now I’m interested sa FNT

    • Thanks to Flawless talaga. Wala pakong idea sa laser resurfacing. Nice din ang Easy Peel (TCA Peel) ng flawless, pero it only treats dark spots and acne marks. Ang FNT kasi, it promote skin regeneration to make deep acne scars less visible.

    • Please consult Flawless’ in-house derma regarding that. Their consultation is FREE.

  6. Hi, saang branch po kayo FNT, sa megamall kasi mag inquire ako 16k daw per seasion. Thanks!

  7. Hiiiiii. Naka ilang session po kayo? Nawala po ba talaga yung acne scars niyo?

    • I had 3 sessions of FNT na. Scars are still existing pero mas na-minimize ang appearance compared before.

  8. Bakit kayo php 4,500 ang charge while kanina galing akong flawless mega mall ang they said it cost php 18K?

    • 4,500 is only for 1 session. Baka multiple sessions na yang 18k.

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