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City of Dreams

Dreams may refer to two things – the one that we experience while we are asleep, and those goals that we wanted to achieve in life. Let me talk about the latter. We all have our dreams, some… Read More

I Got Nominated to Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

I got my first Best Cebu Blogs Awards trophy back in 2013 when I won the Best Cebu Food Blogger niche for my food blog It was really unexpected because my fellow nominees were veteran food bloggers.

How I made it on Instagram’s “Suggested Users List”

Taking pictures has always been one of my favorite things to do. I like capturing moments, beautiful scenes, or just anything that I find picture worthy. With the advancement of technology, taking photos has become a lot easier… Read More

My Life Lately

I’ve been itching to revive my personal blog for months now but my schedule has been crazy busy with my other blogs and my life outside blogging. Many of you might have already known that I’m the man… Read More

Time Out

I was not able to update my personal blog lately. Please visit my fashion and food blogs instead.

I’m Back!

For the nth time, my blog went down again because of a malware infection. Now I’m back with a new template to start off fresh. So what happened during my 4 months hiatus? I’ve been busy with work,… Read More


1 year in Cebu

June 2, 2010, boarded Flight No. 5J 589 from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark, Pampanga, I started my journey to Cebu. I arrived at exactly 2130H in the evening, 20 minutes earlier than my ETA of 2150H…. Read More

Welcome to my Blog

I have this WordPress account for years already and it is just now that I have decided to start writing. Well, we’ll see how it goes, I will be posting topics about anything and everything under the sun…. Read More