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Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic opens in SM Seaside City Cebu

More and more people are becoming conscious on how they look. Good thing, there are now a lot of beauty clinics around Cebu to choose from to avail services suited for your beauty needs.

My Flawless Easy Peel Experience

I’m one of those people who were not blessed with a flawless skin, of course this could have been prevented if I only took good care of my skin when I was in college. My face was left… Read More

New Era Cap Cebu

New Era Cap opens store in Cebu

A hat has already become one of casual accessories staples. I wear one to protect my head from the sun, as a fashion accessory or most of the time, to hide my messy hair from a bad hair… Read More

Get ready to Make Your Own Havaianas Cebu

One of the annual events that I always look forward to in Cebu is just around the corner, and that is Make Your Own Havaianas. This year, I am even more excited because MYOH 2016 is turning Japanese!… Read More

Backjoy SM Seaside City Cebu

Improve your Posture with Backjoy

When I was growing up, my mom always tells me to sit straight and don’t slouch. Of course as a kid, I don’t really get the reason behind it. I thought it was just for physical appearance since… Read More

Nautical Seaside Chic

If we are friends on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I was at SM Seaside City Cebu everyday since it opened. Blogging duty calls and I’m not complaining. I was lucky to get an invitation to attend the… Read More